Yom Kippur at TBT

Yom Kippur at TBT

As the day draws to a close, young and old all blow the Shofar.


Rewinding the Torah


Hebrew School in the Sukkah

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Temple B'nai Torah's mission is to embody,

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Shabbat Service Schedule


Friday, December 23

Shabbat Service, 6:30pm

Friday, December 30

Chanukah Shabbat Service, 7:30pm


Friday, January 13

Indoor Picnic Dinner, 6:45pm

Erev Shabbat Service, to follow

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Save the Date

Sunday, March 26, 2017    10AM

Israel Bond Breakfast


Rabbi Howard & Patti Nacht

to be held at

Congregation Beth Tikvah

Woodbine Avenue, Wantagh, NY


Dear Friend,

We made history this morning.

Photo Credit: Rabbi Nir Barkin

Today, for the first time, men and women prayed together and read Torah in the main plaza of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Forcing ourselves past those who, literally, tried to rip the Torah scrolls from our arms, we brought 14 Torah scrolls to the Kotel, which Women of the Wall proudly used for their prayer in the women’s section. We then brought the scrolls to an egalitarian service.

Our strength was represented by several hundred worshippers, including renowned leaders of progressive Judaism from Women of the Wall, the Israel Religious Action Center, and the North American and Israeli Conservative Movement. Joining in this historic moment were dozens of Reform rabbis leading groups from across North America as well as students from both HUC-JIR and NFTY-EIE (recently renamed URJ Heller High).

Our actions today were an undeniable step forward in realizing our commitment to creating a place for all Jews at Israel’s holiest site. After years of negotiations and 10 months expecting the implementation of the compromise agreement passed by the Israeli government, the Reform Movement and our partners decided we could no longer wait.

Today the cause of religious pluralism in the Jewish State took a stand and made a statement. In that holy place, we affirmed our right to pray as the majority of Jews in the world pray. Though we were met with some ugly violence, our large and spirited community of non-Orthodox Jews from Israel, North America, and all over the world offered our prayers with love and determination.

To continue today’s momentum, please help us demand equality at the Kotel.

Join the tens of thousands of North Americans who have already submitted an email as part of our campaign. It takes just a few clicks to make your voice heard.

The Israeli government is watching. Your email counts.

Chodesh tov, and may the new month be filled with light, tolerance, equality, and hope!

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

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Nes Gadol Hayah Sham

Happy Chanukah

Dec. 24, 2016

1st candle


Dec. 31, 2016

8th Candle

Chanukah candles

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