• Yom Kippur at TBT
    As the day draws to a close, young and old all blow the Shofar. Yom Kippur at TBT
    For our Chai Club members, service to the Temple and retention are its goals. CHAI CLUB
    Rewinding the Torah SIMCHAT TORAH
    Even our youngest congregants enjoy Shabbat in the Sanctuary TOT SHABBAT
    Adult, Teen and Youth Choirs sing with Cantor and Rabbi CHOIR
  • Sukkot
    Hebrew School in the Sukkah Sukkot
  • Yom Kippur at TBT
  • Sukkot

Welcome to our place...

tbt installation grp flrightTemple B'nai Torah's mission is to embody, enhance and perpetuate Jewish tradition by providing a welcoming spiritual home where the community gathers to worship God, study Torah, engage in acts of Tikun Olam (repairing the world), participate in Jewish rituals and life cycle events and experience the joy of being part of a caring community.




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“My house will be called a house of prayer for all people.” – Isaiah 56:7

Dear Friends,

 On behalf of the entire Temple B’nai Torah community, I offer you a hearty Shalom and welcome. I am pleased that you are a member or are considering affiliating with our congregation, and I hope that you make yourself at home here. On the pages that follow, you will find a great deal of information about our congregation, the programs we offer, the education we provide, and the many ways in which we function as a caring, spiritual kehillah kedoshah a holy community.

           I’m sure that you are wondering: what sets Temple B’nai Torah apart from other synagogues? Well, from my experience alone, I see that our community is warm, welcoming, caring and versatile. Just as I immediately felt a sense of homecoming here when I joined the congregation in July, 2009, I know that you will as well. You will find that we excel in all areas of synagogue life: as a Beit K’nesset – a house of gathering, as a Beit Tefilah – a house of prayer, and as a Beit Midrash – a house of learning. Our congregation is comprised of a wide variety of family models – Jewish singles of all ages, couples and families in which both adults are Jewish, interfaith (one member must be Jewish) couples and families – coming to Reform Judaism from all branches – Classic Reform Judaism, Conservative Judaism, and modern Orthodox. Whatever your religious background, you will find a home here in which to grow.

Our Brotherhood (men’s club) and our Sisterhood are nationally recognized. We have an active PTA, a vibrant Chai Club (50’s and over), and a busy Couple’s Club. We boast one of the best religious schools on the South Shore of Long Island, and we know that we can only get better and better under the new leadership of Ms. Elisa Blank. And our Nursery School, led beautifully by Ms. Ann Lazare, is a fun, engaging, and encouraging home for early childhood Jewish learning. We offer programs in the areas of Outreach, Adult Education, Israel Involvement, and more.

            As a member of Temple B’nai Torah, you can seek spiritual encounters, find community support in your moments of joy and sorrow, and learn something new about yourself as a Jew (or spouse, significant other, or partner of a Jewish person). We are an exciting spiritual family with a unique history, an exciting present, and a very thrilling future. We truly hope that you will choose to join us on our journey. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, I hope that you will let us know. I look forward to welcoming you with open arms and an open heart!


Marci Bellows

Rabbi Marci N. Bellows


 Temple B'nai Torah has an amazing clergy team

Rabbi Marci Bellows and Cantor Steven Sher

Please join us for services and see what all of the excitement is about.


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